Christchurch, New Zealand - 3 Days

Christchurch, New Zealand is now home to a beautiful “cardboard cathedral” which has become a symbol for regeneration in the wake of a 2011 earthquake.

Several years later, Christchurch has been reconstructed to be respectful of locals and to be more thoughtful of the environment, creating a city that feels at once hopeful and dynamic. Vendors who once sold out of a pop-up mall of containers are now moving to brick-and-mortar locations, followed by loyal locals. Colorful street art about hope and resilience has appeared all over the city. Music performances are often held in rotating venues around the city instead of a single opera house or concert hall so more people have a chance to attend.

The elegant Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial pays homage to those who were lost, while the Transitional Cathedral — intended to be, by its name, temporary refuge made of cardboard for locals to go following the quake — has become a permanent part of the cityscape.
Don’t miss: Kakano, a Maori-owned and -operated cooking school and cafe that aims to heal people through food and the Christchurch Art Gallery, which served as home base for post-quake first responders and is now a gorgeous centerpiece for a city on the move.
Lilit Marcus

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Christchurch, New Zealand
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