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Since commencing operations in 2001, we have grown to be a world leader in visa application procurement services for diplomatic missions worldwide. Over the years, our technology-driven innovations have been the driving force behind revolutionizing the way visa application services are managed and operated. Our company’s cutting-edge visa procurement solutions have today evolved into a benchmark and seamless process to deliver unmatched levels of client satisfaction and an enhanced applicant experience.

Limma Immigration Programs: All you need to know

What is your immigration program options? With so many to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down. Here’s the most popular ways to travel to Canada today!

Family Vacation

Family vacations are no longer about loading the kids in the car and heading to the nearest beach. Today, everyone is living their best lives, families want to stretch their imaginations and share their passion for travel with their loved ones. They want family trips that don’t break the bank but still offer enough activities and excitement to captivate children of all ages, and that includes parents who are still young at heart.

Family vacations is becoming more and more popular. Today, everyone is living their best lives, and that puts a lot of pressure on parents planning fun family vacations. Grandparents are taking their families on vacations, combining places to see and things to do to suit everyone, from the youngest to the oldest family member. We can work with you to plan your family’s perfect getaway and help to Create Your Best Days Ever!  Our tailored & well organized guide to family vacation spots in Canada shows the best destinations and activities for all ages in the family.

Group/Business Travel

We tailor our services to not only suit your individual needs but the requirements of your business. We also offer options for business/group travel. Our travel specialists will combine the best business/group travel services & solutions for your journey. We offer all types of support from organizing the whole trip to supplying you with industry-leading self-booking tools. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and dedication to our clients.

With years of experience as an industry-leading travel agency means we have some pretty amazing knowledge for delivering the best group travel experiences possible. We’ve traveled the world, we’ve met the suppliers and we know our stuff! We can travel with you for extra “hands-on, extraordinary service” if you want that extra level of service. But, no matter what your group needs we always offer our expertise to ensure we create your group’s “Best Days Ever”!

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Child-Birth Travel

Childbirth travel is the practice of traveling to another country for the purpose of giving birth in that country. The main reason for birth tourism is to obtain citizenship for the child in a country with birthright citizenship. Such a child can sometimes help their parents obtain permanent residency in the country. With the proper precautions, and armed with information on when to travel, vaccinations and insurance, most women can travel safely well into their pregnancy.

Are you set on an English-speaking country? Consider Canada instead of the U.S. With a Canadian Passport, your child will be able to travel visa-free to 180+ countries, access public medical care, and wouldn’t have to pay taxes if he/she doesn’t reside in the country.


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June 01 at 09:00 am

16 London St, Paddington, London

June 01 at 09:00 am

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